Tollywood Movies which comes with different concept in 2018

Tollywood got few good movies this year which have brought people to theaters with their concept. Movies which expected to give good results have failed at box office as well as to win hearts.But these 5 movies released with no much expectations and win hearts.

Best Tollywood movies 2018

1) Awe

Kajal Aggarwal starring as main lead, This movie gives a great treat to the audience with its different story line. The way that story begins entertain us and suddenly we came to know that what story wanted to explain us is just amazing, This is the story of a girl who lives with multiple personality disorder because of getting abused in her childhood.This movie gives a good message to the society. A big salute to the director and cast.

2) Rangasthalam

Nowadays where most of the movies are filmed in cities with the same environment which we feel in out daily life. But Director of the film goes beyond our imagination and give a perfect example how the village life is. The story shows us how a rich man loot the poor and what if the poor oppose the injustice.

3) Mahanati

Mahanati is not just a movie, Its a story of a great actress who is a great social server also. This story belongs to the great south actress, Savitri. She known by everyone for her versatile acting. This movie is a great treat for those who love Savitri and wanted to know about her.

4) Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

This is a movie which comes with a story based on today's youth. A group of 4 friends with a dream of completing a shortfilm their life. Everyone holds a different story and different talent into film making.

5) RX 100

We always think that, In a relationship Only the boy cheats the girl to enjoy time her but This film shows us, How a boy can be fooled by a girl. But it comes with a lesson in the ending of the movie.

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